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Determine the Manufacturing Date

All materials that were needed in manufacturing other items for the war effort. Chainstays of triangular tubing. But Schwinn also assembled some of its own, dating site chats traditional. Jim loves the Parmount model. Fillet brazed joints throughout the frame.

Fillet-Brazed Schwinn Bicycles

The three new models were the Paramount, the Superior, and the New World. The Phantom was the ride for sunny days and impressing the other guys in the neighborhood. Music videos that were just as likely to scare you as they were to get you to dance? The downtube is ripped and needs to be replaced.

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For pre Schwinns try taking out the crankset to check for a date code. Schwinn Paramount headbadge. If you remember all of that, you probably remember that those musicians never took tour buses to their gigs, instead they rode their bikes. Lugged bicycle frames, for example, are now manufactured by automated machines.

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Cross section of a fillet-brazed bicycle head tube. Shimano or something similar perhaps. Schwinn's fillets at the head tube are usually well finished, dating someone who reminds you but other joints are sometimes sloppy or not fully smoothened. He's still bending steel and producing fabulous bikes. Vintage s Schwinn Approved Suntour bar end shifter.

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Would the altered Paramount program end up on the slag heap of history? The crankset looks like a mag wheel. Dad must have welded this frame gusset. What is the next step after racing a stock muscle car? The bicycle was originally equipped with Campagnolo Record downtube shifters.

We display them in this space to share their beauty and showcase the skill and creativity that went into making them. It looks fast standing still. The number will have a production month letter in either the first or second position and a production year number in the other first or second position.

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Customers also equated Schwinn's chrome-plated steel components with the Continental and Varsity. Schwinn believed in cycling for transportation, cycling for health, and in cycling for sport. Just like Pete Brissing, Jeff is a slave to bicycle fashion and has declined water bottle cages lest they scratch the Schwinn decals on the downtube.

Emil opened a small bicycle store on Fullerton avenue in Chicago and began an American cycling dynasty that would last more than a hundred years. Jim's Schwinn Paramount P road model. Phantom chainguard and paint detail.

Schwinn paramount

Schwinn Serial Numbers and Date Codes

No need to try to import Italian or French racing frames and then scrounge for parts when you could simply pick a Paramount that suited your racing style and budget. While the frame itself has not led the most pampered life, it is host to a nearly complete, first-generation Campagnolo Super Record groupset. The Serotta bikes are worth even more as less of them were made. The hubs, apparently, were drilled wrong initially, so they just re-drilled in between the mistaken holes and presto! Fenders kept the Seattle rain in check.

The price was right, and the Imron paint job is excellent. Locate the serial number on the left rear dropout, bottom bracket, or head tube. At that time bicycles were a fashionable but expensive mode of transportation for adults. Get the right materials and the right hands building the bike, and the finished product should be awesome. Schwinn responded with slimmed-down versions of their Panther, Hollywood, Starlet, and Typhoon cruisers.

During the year span there were a variety of Schwinn fillet-brazed models, but details of early models are difficult to trace. Finned fender like on autos of the day. My Schwinn Paramount was the first real racing bike I ever owned. It was also my first custom made bicycle.

Chicago Schwinn Paramount dating

  • Built up with Campagnolo Victory and Shimano Arabesque shifters, hand-filed smooth.
  • For whatever reason, maybe cost and declining sales at Schwinn, the beginning of the s saw the Paramount program head to Japan.
  • Also what would it would do to the ride?
  • Today, those Paramounts are worth a lot of money.
  • If it s not there, check the bottom of the bottom bracket where the pedals go into the frame of the bike.

Butch Neumann is the one with the waterbottle on his handlebars. Jim's Schwinn Paramount P touring model. Certainly, it has less than original miles.

Take pictures straight on in front of a blank background, and take close-up photos of areas that may generate interest or confusion. All is not lost, if you still have your broken frame. All wonderful rides with their own unique personalities. This sturdy relic has some interesting features. There were chain guards and matching fenders.

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This bike look familiar to you? Tall bars made for sweet wheelies. Today, the frame goes to the curb, dating yukiko and chie or a perhaps friend who has the space and interest in preserving it for historical reasons.

The most desirable fillet-brazed models in the series are probably be the Sports Tourer and Superior. Schwinn had one more card to play. This past December Classic Cycle held a museum night event and we wanted some balloon-tire bikes to show off. Don wrote a fantastic new book about everything Schwinn. The Schwinn catalogue showed us how ride in style.

Determine the Manufacturing Date
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Tegeder Off the Back 60th Anniversary Schwinn Paramount

Do you need more information about your Paramount. This particular Paramount, a P variant for the road racer, belongs to Jeff. The Waterford Paramounts were still built in Wisconsin but the alternative foreign bikes were made of Tange Prestige and were no longer equiped with Dura Ace components. Dating from the head badge day, month. Schwinn bikes have a race pedigree dating back to including the first six-day races held in the United States before baseball became the new national pastime.

This one is an Oscar Special. Rarity rarely helps determine value. The Sport Limited used wheels and other parts from the fillet-brazed Superior. The Varsity should be remembered for more and better reasons than these.

  1. Campy Record brake calipers.
  2. Before serial numbers were stamped onto a rear dropout.
  3. The main question is rear dropout width.
  4. The stories are great, the photos and old advertisements look terrific.
  5. Chrome fenders with lights built in.
  6. As you may have guessed upon spotting the Look pedals or the new Continental tires, this one still gets ridden around Bainbridge Island and north Kitsap County on sunny days.

Also, Kestrel made a carbon Paramount frame for Schwinn. Perhaps Schwinn selected these components out of habit, or maybe to offset the higher cost of fillet brazing. And the strategy of fillet brazing has been eclipsed too. Interestingly, the only bike he actually names and remembers fondly is his Schwinn Paramount.

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Chicago Schwinn Paramount dating

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