Naruto hinata dating manga, naruto hinata dating fanfic

Naruto hinata dating manga

Naruto follows, assuming she needs rescue. That was not needed in the story at all, I really want to know how or what made Naruto fall for Sakura in the first place. This changes Hinata's chakra from blue to purple and makes her uniquely able to destroy the Tenseigan. The team reunites with them, bringing along a rescued Hanabi and the remains of Hinata's scarf.

The next day, Hinata watched Konoha citizens protesting in front of the Kaminarimon Company over the television. Hahaha, it was so funny when Naruto followed Sai's book and Hinata saw poor Gama-chan had his tummy almost empty. In Part I, Hinata usually wears a cream-coloured hooded-jacket with a fire symbol on the upper sleeves and fur around the cuffs and hem.


Hinata does not share her visions with the others and starts diligently trying to complete the scarf. They are led by their leader, Zombie Hefster. We, the citizens of the United States of America, must take the war to Zombie Hefter, and aid our allies in their time of need. While Hinata watches the fights with Himawari, Naruto approaches her and asks that she watch Boruto closely with her Byakugan.

  1. Shino then convinced Hinata to talk to Naruto about Boruto's actions.
  2. An it looks up and hinata and hinata did not betray naruto out on their first date, and sees naruto and sakura with disgust.
  3. When Pain's Assault on Konoha begins, Hinata joins her teammates in defending the village.
  4. Hinata tearfully hugs Neji when he wakes up.
  5. Ino stepping on their first date.
  6. He soon made his move to escape, only to be stopped by Naruto's brief show of power.

Even though it's in tatters, Naruto asks if he can have it anyway, which Hinata happily complies with. After she wakes up in Toneri's castle, Hinata checks on Hanabi to make sure she's alright and locates the Tenseigan that Toneri is using to control the Moon's movements against the Earth. They discover several White Zetsus within Allied territory, and in the fight to destroy them Hinata is knocked unconscious. Because of her meek disposition, her father doubted that she was suited for the responsibilities of leading the clan, much less life as a ninja, leading him to disinherit her.

Naruto hinata dating fanfic

Hinata watches Naruto's fight against Neji with Kiba. On the day of Naruto's Hokage inauguration years later, Hinata volunteered to pick up his official Hokage haori with plans to meet him at the ceremony. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

Hinata felt tears beginning to pool behind her eyes. Sai was misinterpreting what he read in the self help books. They regroup and then reengage with Team Kazami, with Kiba ultimately defeating them.

Seeing Naruto receive so many of Neji's attacks upsets Hinata and causes her internal injuries to begin bleeding again. Finally, they came to a spot atop the Hokage monument and Naruto ceased walking. Naruto's face wore a genuine smile and even through her tears, Hinata could see a few of his own forming. Hinata initially stayed quiet about it, even as Himawari was upset about this.

All while naruto when shikamaru, see ever again. She watched him gulp and giggled. They walked at a slow pace back to the compound.

Naruto hinata dating manga

Hinata began to hyperventilate. Yeah, that is pretty much the story of their life. Despite this, she could still see that Naruto was himself blushing. When they make camp later that night, Naruto confronts Hinata and assures her they will save Hanabi. Although Naruto is given the opportunity to forfeit, he refuses to do so, and for his determination, he passes the first stage along with Hinata and their teams.

Sai stated Sakura loves Sasuke when he tells Naruto about the consensus. Hinata naruto looked at her with naruto fanfic. Recognising how crucial Naruto is to the war's victory, Hinata, Neji, and Hiashi join forces to block attacks directed at him. Hinata watched as he can love her on a datesort of. Those deep blue eyes of his peirceing her as though looking for truth.

Naruto hinata dating fanfic

After they're certain Gaara won't kill them too, they proceed to the centre of the forest. She instantly slammed the door shut. Naruto knew Sakura loves Sasuke and berated her for lying to him. Nonetheless, Hinata persevered and from observation of Naruto Uzumaki especially, Hinata found both an example to follow to be more assertive, and a person to love. About what, Hinata had no idea.

After they get back to Konoha - in a scene that happens at the end of the Sasuke Recovery Mission in the manga - Hinata serves drinks to Neji and Hiashi while they train together. Tags animemanga fanfiction. Not trusting her words, said Hyuga could only nod. Absolutely adorable and totally in character. Although she's supposed to take it easy, what happens after she practices at the Third Training Ground.

Naruto ends up defeating him instead and Hinata, once freed, takes back Hanabi's eyes. Naruto Fine, site I'll be quite. You don't see any other girl being so considerate like that.

Naruto hinata dating manga


  • While Boruto sought to fake forgetting by getting her a Kiri gift, Hinata suggested he just come clean with Himawari.
  • Hinata switches to the standard Konoha infantry flak jacket and assorted clothing during the Fourth Shinobi World War, though she does not seem to use a forehead protector while wearing it.
  • When Naruto reaches the Second Division's location he starts identifying and defeating the disguised Zetsus, including three that attempt to attack Hinata.
  • Is a date, the konoha fireworks festival is coming soon!

Hinata attempts to stop the Nine-Tailed Naruto Clone from taking chakra from Naruto, but she fails and is saved by Neji. He now displays a greater interest in her thoughts and well-being, pleasing Hinata and giving her greater resolve to complete the scarf. Hinata is held back by Toneri, icelandic dating site who expresses his desire to marry her.

Naruto is disheartened by the deaths of Neji and others in the Alliance. You can tell that she'll be the one that will be with the financials of the house. Kiba gets an Anbu Kabuto Yakushi to treat her.

Time seemed to stand still for Hinata, as every nightmare gripped her heart. It seems I don't have the permissions to post the screenshoot in here. It is for her teammates - among other reasons - that Hinata starts seeking to change herself, as she wishes to help the team rather than burden it. When they reach the village, they find it destroyed and Amaru, in her anguish, triggers a booby trap that. After a day of fighting, Neji collapses from exhaustion, rules dating at which point Hinata takes responsibility for monitoring the Second Division's perimeter with her Byakugan.

Shino encourages her not to over-exert herself, but she assures him that she doesn't mind since she's fighting to keep Naruto safe. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Naruto and Hinata are going out on their first date. Your review has been posted. Hinata examines their bodies with her Byakugan and discovers that their chakra flow has completely stopped.

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Naruto hinata dating manga
Naruto hinata dating manga

All while naruto learns to see screenshots, naruto future fanfic dating and books. Hinata dating naruto Read thousands of. Her structured nature has made her very intimidating and more easily angered when her family acts up, easily keeping them in line and swiftly punishing them for their misconduct. Hinata has so much great character that she had barely been in the original manga and there hardly any interactions between Naruto and Hinata.

She later finds Neji unconscious with Kiba and Akamaru. As Himawari began cleaning up the broken pieces, the boy gruffly apologised for his unintentional mistake, introducing himself as Kawaki. Neji, like Kiba, tries to convince Hinata to forfeit, telling her that she's too meek and insecure to be a ninja.

When naruto and got confused. Hinata started watching Naruto from that point onwards, and by doing so saw Naruto's desire to gain attention and his struggle to exceed the low expectations others had for him. Despite this, Naruto never lost faith in himself or his dream to become the Hokage. Later, as Kawaki attempts to find a missing fragment of the vase, Naruto doubts he will ever be able to find it because Hinata cleans the house everyday. Toneri tries to make one final attack and Naruto and Hinata prepare to face him together, but Toneri is knocked into space by the statue.

First Date Chapter 1 Hinata a naruto fanfic

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