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Monitoring your long term training load is important from the performance perspective to make sure you train at an optimal level towards your goal. After Moveslink is installed, it will be shown in the system tray.

Why there is more than one Moveslink? Mac computers made after are based on Intel processors, which are compatible with Moveslink.

On top of the Move you'll see an Edit Move button, press that. When viewing one of your Moves it is possible to make it your Greatest Move.

Notification area shows balloon which tells you that the new device is ready to use. How can I add videos to my Move? To get an understanding on how much you are pushing your body, Suunto Movescount tracks your long term training load. Can I use Movescount with a Mac? Due to the way how they are obtained, they are always indirect estimates.

Slight differences can be then seen due to different calculating algoritms, smaller computing power in wristop and different filtering method on the raw data. Where are my greatest Moves shown? After you have a username specified you will see your recent YouTube videos as thumbnails when you edit a Move. The default activity setting doesn't override the activity used while exercising in Moves coming from Suunto Ambit, Traverse and Quest watches. Hit the Save button and you're done.

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If you have uploaded new Moves from a Suunto watch, you will see those Moves in timeline with the bar showing the duration of your Move. Movescount uses your email address to verify that you're a person and not a robot.

Found New Hardware Wizard is launched. There is no gear input in Movescount but there are tags! Movescount can partially reconstruct the bad data or estimate the correct information and calculate the values better. Can I see a summary out of my running Moves only?


DriverIdentifier - The most simple & easy driver updating tool

If you connect your device to the computer, the software will automatically transfer your Moves to Movescount. Spotting possible overloading from individual exercises can be difficult, making the trend graph a valuable tool. You should stop Moveslink if you wish to use some other software.

You're now in edit mode, where you can make your changes and corrections. Also, sometimes the problems are caused by different setup.

If you have a Suunto device you can also install the Moveslink software on your Mac to transfer all your Moves easily to Movescount. Go to the Social media section in settings and enter your YouTube username on Movescount. Support Or Contact us Follow us in Twitter.

Why there can be differences between Suunto device and Movescount values? You can also send us feedback and ask us to add your activity. How can I export my Moves?

Why Use DriverIdentifier

If you start to see a decline in your feeling trend you should be alerted. The feeling trend is a good tool to follow your capability to manage your training in a long term. If you don't find your activity from the list, try using tags for marking your Move with that activity.

Ensure that you delete only the Moves you really want to delete, there is no way to get those deleted Moves back! Next time you want to transfer Moves to Movescount make sure you have the Moveslink up and running again! Ideally the load trend should vary, allowing your body to rest between high intensity exercises. How to use the feeling trend?


Similarly, the average value in the graph is actually the average of the lap averages, and thus there can be a small difference compared to the total average. Where can I see this data?

If the load remains very high for extended periods, overloading may occur and your body will need more time to recover. Why can't I connect to my other Suunto software after Moveslink installation?

So the numbers should not be taken as absolute values. How can I add pictures to my Move?

You can use windows driver update to get the latest versions. Driver is being installed. The peak value shown in Move details is measured at some point during the workout, but it's seldom the same as lap average.

When I give thumbs up on the most liked Moves it's not shown? Currently there is no single Moveslink version that is compatible with all Suunto watches, but our aim is to develop one Moveslink version that can be used with all Suunto watches. Moveslink shows system tray notification message whenever Moveslink update is available.

Download Moveslink for Movestick Mini by SuuntoWhy Use DriverIdentifierDriverIdentifier - The most simple & easy driver updating tool


After the Moveslink application is installed, plug in Movestick Mini. In case you have connected Movestick before the Moveslink installation, tiny screw drivers the drivers might not be installed. Windows installs the drivers for your Movesctick Mini automatically if you had Moveslink software installed.

Movestick mini driver