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Better pull the buttstock off and see what serial number is on the left side of the top tang. But, if it has rust, damaged wood, missing parts, or a bore that does not clean up, you can expect the value to fall fast. They would also accept a scope that could be mounted nice and low. They were light and very easy to quickly site and shoot.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Other features include action job, template trigger job and clocked screws. It was an inspection mark.

  • Has been in the family since new, with me as the third owner, and want to be able to better document the history on this gun.
  • The screw that allows the easy takedown, however, is frequently criticized as it disrupts the otherwise clean lines of the rifle.
  • You can buy this firearm and be assured that parts and repairs will not be a problem in the years ahead.
  • Since it appears your gun was rebarreled and had the new main spring assembly installed, I would about bet the breech bolt was replaced too with a newer, made for high speed ammunition breech bolt.

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Do you have any recommendation on anything else that should be replaced, speed dating but for just based on the age of the rifle. The current variation gold trigger lever-action. Most rebluing jobs are over polished. Will get back to forum when I have more information. Brownells or Gun Parts Corp.

Using the Old style gun oils on the outside is fine and will not cost you a lot. They would come in for repairs that would be caused from neglect and poor maintenance. Because they were a popular firearm they would be one of those rifles that would be heavily used. But because they were well used they can be difficult to find in great condition. Several variations are listed.

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You do not need to over do it with those lubricants either. Was trying to date so that I can find correct replacement guide spring. Many smiles and shouts for joy when those boxes were opened.

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Many of these firearms were manufactured and can be found in fair numbers today. And do it with good accuracy. Serial number is V Thank you to whomever can help Phil. Some of the issues I would have with these firearms would be bad firing pins, weak extractors, weak hammers springs, suit and some issues with feeding.

  1. Took the gun apart last night to check numbers.
  2. What is the value of a marlin golden a mountie in excellent condition?
  3. Keeping it clean would then be much easier to do and you would have a better shooting firearm.
  4. This was not a commercially successful model and discontinued for that reason.

It is also the best-selling lever rimfire in U. For Classic Firearms This is an area that I will give more details about in a separate article on this site. Due to the increasing cost of ammunition, there be no warning shot! They did manufacture many of these firearms but the ones with collector interest must be an excellent condition. As a commemorative, needs to be as it came from the factory to command collector interest.

Sat down with a better light and did a closer inspection. What rifle was issued to the mounties after the Winchester became obsolete? Might clear up the mystery.

Marlin Model 39 Serial Number

Further, in the event of a malfunction which prevents the breech from closing, takedown becomes impossible until the action can be cleared as the breech must be closed before takedown. If there is no letter to the serial number, then there is another problem. Will pull buttstock off at next opportunity. Brownells is always the better choice!

The barrel is round, and the forearm is slim. While apart, did notice that has a coil mainspring. It had some minor surface rust and some scratches on the stock. Now I can order the correct parts.

Is the receiver blued and drilled and tapped for mounting a scope? Features slimmer fore-end and thinner barrel. If so, an amazingly constructed gun to still be shooting this good. My real bad luck was that someone came into my burned out house, and stole the rifle. Serial number prefixes L through W.

Marlin Model 39 Serial Number

Could have been done at the factory. This is one rifle that I always ended up with great results from the bluing process. This is the most recent production model of this extremely popular rifle, with features identical to earlier models including a gold-plated trigger. Has chrome-plated barrel and receiver, with high grade checkered walnut stock and fore-end.

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If it is round, then someone replaced your octagon barrel with a later Model A barrel. This model would have a straight pistol grip stock. This is the only model that is still manufactured pretty much the same way that it was made and assembled in the s. All metal surfaces deburred with high polish blue finish. On the same day she also produced another jagged one-hole group through the center of an Ace of Hearts playing card, while shooting off-hand.

What year was the Marlin Golden Mountie serial P made? The Mountie model is more desirable to the Marlin collectors because of the sleek style and smaller numbers made. Introduction of this model marked th Anniversary of the Marlin Company.

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Gold trigger, MicroGroove rifling. Pistol-grip stock and steel-capped forearm are varnished walnut. While you have the gun broken down, run a cleaning rod through the magazine tube.

Ballard-type deep rifling. Get back to us on the serial number and someone will help. These are extremely well made rifles.

Many previous variations of the model are still available from used gun dealers. This was the first year that the Mountie model would be offered. In some areas of the country these prices will be higher.

Marlin Manufacture Dates

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