Dating westerwald stoneware, pennsylvania pottery companies

Here is what Hume says on the photo of the three jugs above, And some photos and info a jugs similar to your. Thank you very much again, Mat. Thank you for all these informations! On the finished vessels, this slip appeared in various shades of brown, headline dating quotes and was mottled to differing degrees.

Applied ornaments came in a wide variety of motifs. Antique Furniture Portraits, Paintings, Mirrors, etc. Blue on gray type wares are most often a light gray, avoid dating a but can also have a buff color.

  1. Rhenish stoneware vessels were primarily wheel thrown.
  2. Cobalt blue and often manganese were used to highlight the incising and applied elements.
  3. The imagery is still used on bumper stickers.
  4. Staffordshire and Porcelain Figures Other Figurines.

Westerwald Pottery - Scenery Hill PA

Dating westerwald stoneware

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About Westerwald Pottery

Rhenish stonewares are notable for their often elaborate decorations, with applied molded relief ornaments sprig molds being perhaps the most characteristic element. Draft saved Draft deleted. Excellent condition, perhaps two short hairlines at lip. There are a couple small edge dings and a small shallow flake to base with all else fine and original. The paste of the brown wares is generally coarser than that of the blue on gray, and can have occasional inclusions.

Pewter or silver lids and ornaments were attached to some Rhenish stoneware vessels. The handle is restored with all else fine. The body features applied and scratched ornamentation. For similar examples see Steinzeug, pp.

Dating westerwald stoneware

Westerwald Jug - Age

Dating westerwald stoneware

Cylinder tankard with stylistic imagery of the city Jerusalem. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes.

Diaper carving and piercing on double- walled vessels also occurred. As depicted, nicely incised decoration with deep cobalt. Featured Westerwald Jug - Age? Hi, I bought this Westerwald jug. All very interesting reading but as I say there is much confusion and sometimes it's hard to know just who has it right if anyone.

Westerwald Pottery

No need to be fancy, just an overview. Is there text on any of the medallions? Similar stoneware was also made in other parts of Germany and Central Europe, but few of these ceramics appear in North America. Fine original condition, brushed in cobalt and manganese slip. Excellent original condition.

These vessels, often decorated with applied floral sprigs with incised stems, seem to date to the last two decades of the century. Made for British Market, Brushed in Cobalt. Frechen and the Westerwald were the most common sources of Rhenish stoneware found in the Chesapeake.

When I get a chance I'll have a better read if no one else gets back to you first. Diagnostic Artifacts in Maryland. Zweiten stock, gattin euro auf dem partner. Author Write something about yourself. Has anyone an idea how old it is?

Ironstone and Hard Paste Staffordshire Platters and more. You are lucky to have these reference books, I will try to find at least some of them for myself! It's been awhile since I looked or thought about it so I'll give it a go when I can. Superb original condition.

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  • Do you know if that jug comes from some dateable context?
  • Rhenish stoneware was salt- glazed.
  • Westerwald, Saltglaze Jug, Imperial Eagle.
  • Another common applied ornament motif on Rhenish stoneware was the armorial or heraldic medallion.
  • The paste colors of Rhenish stonewares range from off- white to various shades of brown and gray, and the interior vessel surface is often a different color than its exterior.

Westerwald Pottery About Westerwald Pottery

Dating westerwald stoneware
Dating westerwald stoneware

Westerwald region by the end of that century. In the Chesapeake region, Rhenish brown and blue on gray stonewares were in use from the earliest days of colonial settlement. Among the Frechen- type brown stoneware, globular bottles and jugs in various sizes are the most common forms found in the Chesapeake region. The molded strap handle with scrolled terminus has a chip as does the backside of spout at rim, otherwise excellent original condition. Do you still believe that this is it's age?

This is a very nice example with only one small and shallow chip to underside of base, truly miniscule and unseen. He dated the center jug as traditional decoration, second half of the Eighteenth Century. Westerwald German stoneware tankard. Although Westerwald products were less common than the Frechen- type brown stonewares in England before ca.

Pennsylvania Pottery Companies

Dating westerwald stoneware

Straight- sided tankards and round mugs globular- bodied drinking vessels also known as gorges were introduced after ca. On Rhenish brown stoneware, a brown engobe or a wash thinner than the engobe was added to the surface before firing. Tankard with images of Jonah and the Whale from Westerwald, Germany.

Incised decoration within fruited, floral and foliated panels. Elaborate panel bottles and jugs, as well as ball- belly pitchers, occur on some of the earliest sites. It can be partly vitrified, particularly on the blue on gray wares. Rhenish stoneware has a hard, impermeable body with low porosity.

Pennsylvania Pottery Companies Dating westerwald stoneware stillberatung. However his dating is very interesting. This type of jug was made for the Dutch market, which was important to Westerwald potters. Find great deals on eBay for westerwald stoneware and german stoneware.

No, create an account now. Hi Mat, I went back and looked at my documentation on that particular jug and I don't have any further notes. Could be more info mixed in, my mother is dating I don't remember.

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