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The bowls are wrythen-moulded from base to rim. Photo taken in black and white seems to highlight any marks! The glass has a bucket bowl with a ring of thumb cuts sitting on a hexagonal stem leading to a hexagonal foot. Many were used in taverns for serving beer, dating sites about sack and cider as well as mulled wine. Wheel engraving was a speciality of Dutch craftsmen.

Georgian Glass

Glasses with air-twist or opaque-twist stems are perennially popular, as is good wheel-engraving. The old practice of enclosing a bubble of air in the stem evolved into the more complex air-twist stem. Glasses with slender, zircon dating problems elongated bowls were also suitable for cider or champagne.

  1. Th century dram glass, possibly Irish with a blaze and slice cut bucket bowl.
  2. Scratch engraving was a straightforward process executed by an iron or diamond point.
  3. The glass is in excellent condition for its age.
  4. It has a rough pontil mark on the bottom of the foot which is nicely striated.


The bowl is moulded with slightly wrythened petal fluting to the lower half and is wheel engraved under the rim with a floral border. First, the bowl was attached to the stem, and then the foot was added. The foot has a ground out pontil on the underside. This was a mixture of soda and silica and the glassware that resulted had a slightly dirty tinge.

The conical foot has a rough pontil. This rests upon a plain stem and a conical foot with a polished pontil. The most common decorative technique used on Georgian drinking glasses was engraving. This was achieved by trapping a bubble of air in the molten glass for the stem and twisting it, resulting in the delicate swirling patterns.

Georgian balustroid gin glass

However, chips to the rim and foot can easily be ground off. On the contrary, the toasting glasses used by the assembled guests were exceedingly delicate. Not only were the bowls of cordial and ratafia glasses beautifully engraved, many also stood on fine air-twist or colour-twist stems. Make offer - Antique anglo Irish Georgian cut crystal glass.

Smaller rummers were used for spirits such as gin and rum. The round funnel bowl is engraved with a floral sprig and a fruiting vine with polished detail. Small Early Georgian Glass with manufacturing imperfections and pontil. It is generally safe to assume that the cheaper Georgian drinking glasses on sale today are genuine.

Georgian trumpet bowl firing glass

  • Very Good condition, smooth pontil to base.
  • Their weight and thickness, and the peculiar gleam of the glass itself are innate characteristics of these vessels.
  • Two small air bubbles to bowl quite normal done during the making of the glass.

Often the bowls were engraved with the motifs of hops and barley. Antique Keyboard Instruments. In their typical form they have a large bucket-shaped bowl and short knopped stem. They were made in three separate parts - the bowl, the stem and the foot. Strong, potent ale was sipped in modest quantities from glasses with slim, elongated bowls.

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Antique Original Georgian Glasses for sale

Below are a few examples of our extensive stock of wine glasses. If you are interested in any of the pieces shown, or would like to enquire about other items in our stock, please contact us. It is best to avoid buying damaged pieces. Plain neck and unpolished peg.

Decanters & drinking-glasses (dating notes)

Dating antique glass is a skilled exercise, although the swift succession of fashions and particular decorative techniques provide useful clues. Georgian Drinking Glasses. Georgian glassware was remarkable for its beauty, variety and technical sophistication. Although there are few bargains to be had in this field, you can be fairly sure that a Georgian glass will keep its value as well as its beauty. This excellent two-piece glass is supported by a conical foot.

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Compared to soda glass, it was marvellously clear. Many of the finer types have been faked, however. This was known as lead glass, and contained both lead and silica. Prices to not include delivery. The squashed mushroom top cot with eight point Star that extends down side.

Their relative weight and thickness, and the peculiar gleam of the glass itself are innate characteristics of these beautiful vessels. This method was extensively used for such decoration as hops and barley, fruiting vine, floral borders and coat of arms. It continues to give pleasure in many modern homes. Despite the apparent fragility of glassware, Georgian drinking glasses have survived in great enough numbers to be avidly collected today. The glass was held to an abrasive wheel.

Georgian Glass

Larger glass probably for champagne or wine. Click on the thumbnail pictures to enlarge them. The glasses are in excellent condition for their age. Glasses with slender, speed dating nikon elongated bowls were also suitable for cider and champagne.

The glass making industry rapidly developed and by the s there were dozens of such glasshouses in existence. Fittingly, the bowl was sometimes engraved with a motif of hops and barley. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time.

This rests upon a hexagonal facet cut stem. Collectors particularly value them for their great variety of shapes and decorations. Italy practically controlled the monopoly for its manufacture. Despite the fragility of glassware, Georgian drinking glasses have survived in great enough numbers to be avidly collected today.

Decanters & drinking-glasses

And be careful not to mistake a small wine glass for one of the more valuable cordial glasses. An eighteenth century Georgian period drawn trumpet bowled small wine glass with faceted cut stem. By comparison to the normal soda glass, it was exceptionally clear.

The delicate air-twist stemmed glasses date from the s onwards, while opaque-twist stems were developed in the s. The stems of glasses decorated in this way are called opaque-twist and colour-twist. Probably Orrefors, Sweden. This excellent two-piece glass is supported by a folded conical foot. Identifying Georgian Glassware A genuinely antique glass will show slight unevenness and asymmetry that result from hand-blowing.

Stipple engraving was also a Dutch speciality. First the bowl was attached to the stem, christian dating raleigh and then the foot was added. All other wear is age related. Mauzy's Depression Glass by Barbara Mauzy. Decanters Book by David Leigh.

Georgian Drinking Glass - Chatelaine s Antiques and Appraisals Magazine

These early drinking glasses were made of soda glass. Because drinking glasses are almost never marked, there is no way of attributing a particular maker. The gather is shaped on rod and placed in a foot operated mould to shape the petals on mushroom.

Georgian Drinking Glasses
Georgian Drinking Glasses

Country of Origin see all. Please provide a valid price range. Diamond and slanted blaze cut, horizonal line cut decoration, size approx.

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