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Cyber Acoustic Speaker Drivers

These measurements are with the satellite speakers unplugged and taken while still on the stand - not ground plane, so there is a bit of floor bounce reflection data. When switching it on for the first time, I observed the sound from the left speaker to be muffled and distorted. In addition, the desktop remote features a volume control knob for the satellite speakers, a bass volume control knob for the subwoofer, and a headphone jack if you want to privately listen to audio. My laptop speakers work fine however, and I tried re-installing drivers.

This is some kind of protection circuit idea gone wrong, as you turn up the music the bass response falls and eventually the tweeters get an overdriven kind of distortion that is nightmare material. Here are the actual ground plane measurements which will not have any reflection interference. Now we get to the fun part, where I learned something cool. Find More Posts by SexyMakar.

Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 - speaker system - for PC Specs & Prices

It does take a bit to adjust the bass to a balanced level, bu other than that the set up was easy. Listening Window Insanity Now we get to the fun part, where I learned something cool. Way better than I expected them to be. Driver Cheap metallic looking cones with large shiny plastic dust caps, and a foam surround that is soft and pointlessly high roll.

The thick foam padding on the top of the drivers magnet structure is compressed when the cabinet is assembled. This is a nice attempt to stiffen up the cabinets using the drivers themselves as braces in the small cheap feeling plastic cabinets. My guess is something wrong with the drivers.

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This may be my most important review, given that the Cyber Acoustics a is probably the most popular stereo speaker system of all time. The CyberSticks, by contrast, have no easily accessible balance or volume controls get down on the floor to adjust the subwoofer. The Cyber Acoustic a speakers are garbage, but very interesting garbage that is dirt cheap. After years of suffering with the Cyber Acoustics speakers performance I think I've got something worth sharing. Laptop speakers working, but headphone jack not working only on Window Hi, I have a dual boot of Fedora and Windows, and when I boot into Fedora, brother printer dcp-340cw driver my headphones work fine.

Cyber acoustic speaker drivers

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Notice in the background the standard wall wart type transformer. The sub-woofer is even constructed of genuine wood! The only thing I don't care so much for is the amount of wires to make it all function. Here are the measurements that started it all. Home Computers aattfdvztxftwssutdfyxuzuayxy.

Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 - speaker system - for PC Specs & Prices

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Also what cables are necessary to hook-up to my Casio keyboard? System Amp This is a very tiny amp.

Phenomenal sound and I love the remote pod. This is not a subwoofer, it's a shared woofer. For further details see delivery estimates in cart. You get a very narrow clean beam that acts like some kind of dirty version of a big ribbon tweeter. Pulling off the foam reveals a backing magnet that will help shield the speaker to avoid radiating magnetic interference.

Smaller than small, deeper than deep - iLoud Micro Monitor review is up! There was a grill on this speaker, but no screws, just four plastic posts wood glued into the cabinet.

Cyber Acoustics CA-2016 - speakers - for PC Specs & Prices

Cyber Acoustics CA - speaker system - for PC Specs & Prices

Once I get enough feedback and know I have something applicable to the systems out there I'll publish the corrections. Did this solve your problem?

International orders are processed the next shipping day. Red measurement is without the satellites and max bass, pink is with sats and bass at max. Subwoofer placement is critical considering it's acting as the woofer in the system. There are parts missing of the performance, the treble can be distorted to the point of being physically painful. Everyone has soup cans, and they work great.