Cutting down driver

Cut Down My Driver Shaft

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Cutting Golf Shafts Where to Cut and Effects on Shots

Cutting Golf Shafts Which End to Trim and the Effects on Shots

Cutting Golf Shafts Which End to Trim and the Effects on Shots

Ironically i hit this club really well. Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. They are all a trade off, and by chopping an inch off the club you have altered this trade off. May I ask where you got this information from, because it doesn't make a lot of sense to me?

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Once you start adding new tweaks, where does it end? What concerns me more is the suggestion that we should re-weight the head in some way. If you are not able or willing to install new shafts yourself, check with local pro shops to find a club fitter.

In a golf club of course you also have the dynamic effect of swingspeed. Thought distance would be lost but it is definitely going straighter and farther.

This is if you wanted the shaft to play true to flex. Changing the length by butt trimming should not affect the flex characteristics as this is what most shaft manufacturers expect you to do. Graphite Iron Shaft Trimming Instructions. What if it's never consumated? Want to join this community?

Paste as plain text instead. No fancying the same sex means your a poof. Deceptively Short wrote see. And, most importantly, Wishon says, add weight to the clubhead in some manner to restore the swingweight feel of the club.

Cutting down driver

If you have a head you like then look for a shaft and get it cut - most shafts you buy separately are comparable, if not better than manufacturers shafts - allegedly. Latest Tips and Instruction. Turn off the saw and unplug it before removing the club. Query for Geldap - i'd been told that swingweight was more an issue of preference than of performance within reason. Or are you assumed to be a non-poof until you cross the line and put your tadger where nature didn't intend?

Take your time and don't force it, just let the blade do the work, and all will be good. Wilson Infinite Bucktown Putter Review. Will put it in play tomorrow and if it works ill prob do the same to my usual gamer.

On its own it does not affect performance - swingspeed does. Might be a silly question, but it makes a difference. Only missed one fairway on the weekend and that was with a hybrid. Michael Joseph is a golf industry professional in New Jersey. Joseph's education includes a degree in golf operations management and a certification in club-fitting from The Golf Academy of America formally the San Diego Golf Academy.

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You can hot melt glue into the head, add lead tape of if a taylormade driver add to the weights. If you then come up with a swingweight see what it does when you shorten driver length by an inch then add weight to the head to get the swingweight back up. Upon further research, I read that cutting a driver shaft will also stiffen the shaft. The clubhead will not load the shaft properly and you have an underperforming club.

If I decide to cut down a driver shaft by a couple inches, should I be looking at a regular flex shaft to accommodate the stiffening of the shaft, or will a stiff flex be sufficient. But some do-it-yourself golfers also cut down golf shafts, foxconn modem driver windows xp then reinstall them in their clubs.

This will allow the marker to be visible yet will prevent the graphite from splintering while being cut. If it is a graphite shaft, wrap two layers of masking tape around the cut location. Best thing I've done to my bag.

Cut down my driver shaft

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Cutting the shaft down from the butt end will have a negligible affect on the flex. Did you know that almost all golf shafts are cut down to size before being installed in golf clubs? Choke down an inch when you grip the club and cover the face of your driver with a dry erase marker.