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Facsimile of early paper label. It could be a really useful reference for those of us who are interested. The button to get the image tags looks like a tiny Mona Lisa painting, and is just to the right of the youtube tag button.

It was not the earliest marking used by the company. It is believed that such multiple markings were not done on purpose. It can be tough sometimes to find a maker's mark. It is assumed that Collins did not make a practice of making one-of-a-kind tools but they may have made prototypes that were submitted to those requesting the special or customized tools.

The original Collins Company and each of the companies that succeeded it as a result of reorganizations while Collins was in Connecticut made other tools in addition to axes. The inclusion of the initials U. They did very well at this. They made their own to meet their demand and specifications - this was not uncommon in axe manufacturing, but Collins did it perhaps as well as any other manufacturer -.

Root had become the superintendent of the Collins plant by when Samuel Colt visited the Collins manufactory. They also included the word Hartford that was the original location of the office maintained by Samuel Collins, the businessman of the operation. We would highly apprciate information leading to the conviction of any manufacturer or dealer making or selling spurious Collins goods. Dating from the patents provide an opportunity to see the specifications and drawings of just a small handful of the many items produced during the company's long history. That updating also resulted in some of the labels being printed in blue and white on gold colored foil as compared to the traditional paper.

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Collins axe dating

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Would there be another makers mark on it somewhere? Books Hoesen Taber, remove dating Martha von. The names of his cousins were Samuel W.

  1. The more simplified version on the right was used on some axes in the s through the s.
  2. It may also have been that the English companies had generated a reputation for their axes and wanted to continue it.
  3. Facsimile of label depicted with Trademark Registration No.
  4. Collins was widely known for manufacturing hammers, wrenches, knives, machetes, hatchets, adzes, picks, mattocks, and plows, to name a few items.
  5. It may well be that there was a business arrangement between The Collins Co.
  6. Around that time, the company built several dams along the Farmington River to produce hydroelectric power to run its factory.

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Collins, as mentioned, welsh was a very successful company. Apparently the problem continued. This means of identifying tools was inexpensive and has remained popular for some applications even until today. Collins who also originated in Hartford.

  • On others it was combined with other information.
  • This was due to the fact that Hartford was more well known globally then Collinsville.
  • In the company succumbed to financial difficulties and was reorganized as The Collins Manufacturing Co.

As with almost all axe companies regardless of the time period, there were shake ups, reorganization, renaming, etc. Buyers wishing this genuine should address the makers, or buy only of reputable houses. Their influence in south america is major as you can tell. The specific appearance of the markings are believed to have been stampings that looked very much like, if not identical to, the actual Collins Co. We will discuss the different names on the axes, the towns, etc, and what they mean and why.

The brand was used on domestic as well as exported tools. The books were ledger size and contained page after page of full-size patterns generated from the sketches and drawings submitted to Collins from the prospective buyers. The Statements were substantially the same but the locations of the company varied. Multiple markings appear occasionally on various tools. In some cases it included some wording in Spanish and in some other cases Portuguese.

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The Collins Company received three registrations for fundamentally the same B. As a point of clarification it should be understood that the name of the company is expressed in a number of forms. The collection consists of a myriad of sources relating to the history, daily activity, and products of the Collins Company. Collins, as many axe manufacturers, used a huge variety of axe patterns, and then also labels and stampings. Obviously with an axe company this big - they had to think about handles.

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Then just paste it between the image tags in you post that were generated when you clicked the Mona Lisa button. Later representations included a cuffed bent arm. Fire axes were supplied by numerous axe manufacturers as well as many hardware distributors and fire equipment providers.

Facsimiles of paper labels with slight variations in wording and line work that were used over the years. Collins gave us the Legitimus stamp - one of the most recognizable tool stampings ever. Embossing is a process utilized in printing whereas certain areas are raised above the normal surface of the paper. Most fire axes varied somewhat in shape from those made by other makers but for the end purchaser distinguishing between one make and another was difficult.

It is said that the idea of forming the company came from David C. They produced these labels in english, spanish, portugese, and I believe what is known as mexican spanish, are kate beckett and castle if there is indeed truly such a thing. In he invented and patented a machine used for punching the eyes through solid poll axes. These versions were used in catalogs although Collins did use a variety of black on white labels over the years. Then they set up a manufactory in an old mill located on what was at the time the Tunxis River.

Interestingly the names of both the river and the community were eventually changed. Earlier Legitimus labels had raised embossed lettering around the outer edges. Collins provided their axes both ways, even in their early years. Ann Marie Somma has worked as a print reporter for several newspapers in Connecticut including the Hartford Courant.

Trademark Registration No. Commander labels reportedly used by Truper Herramientas of Mexico on some axes sold through wholesale hardware and supply distributors. This is accomplished by adding padding under the areas that will be raised and printing on paper that has been temporarily treated to stretch. Wetting permitted the decal to be transferred to another surface. Immense grinding stones from Nova Scotia filled the shop yards.

The Legacy of the Collins Company Brant & Cochran

Collins of Smiths Falls, Ontario. Additional information or suggested corrections should be accompanied by verifiable sources or copies of same. Do yourself a favor and look up the meaning of it.

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