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These things are monsters, I'm having trouble finding an amp that can power these things without buying something that has way to much power. Make sure you set the amp's gain low enough so distortion never plays. If so I am not sure of the wiring. An amplifier itself has no ohms - it senses whatever load is attached to its output, and responds accordingly.

Even a high-output alternator, beefed-up wiring, and a second battery might not be enough to support this monster of a system. Thank you for the help I greatly appriciate it. Not knowing exactly which you have makes it impossible to give advice on what amplifier to use.

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You can purchase a more expensive coil that uses a heavy gauge wire. Forist, A sub's impedance depends on the impedance of its voice coils, how many of them there are, and how they're wired together. Each kit comes bagged and tagged with the location and flow rate of the coil on which it is to be installed. The only safe way to hook up your gear is to connect each subwoofer to a separate amplifier.

Speaker / Amplifier Wiring Guide

Coil hook-up kits have been shown to reduce ordering and installation time and help reduce field problems. Im trying to get my system planned out before I hook up all the gear. If you want to learn more about amplifier systems, check out our Amplifier Installation Guide. You can use this diagram as a wiring guide for your sub. Our Car amplifier installation guide offers a more detail description.

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DIY Audio Speaker / Amplifier Wiring Guide / FAQ

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There is no standard as to which parts come first, but the common method is Crossover then L-Pad then Series Notch Filter. As for a diagram, I can point you to our Amplifier wiring diagrams. This is usually done so that you can use an active crossover before the amplifier. Pablo, millionaire dating sites toronto You've picked out two subwoofers that will work great as a pair with that amp wired like this. Not knowing exactly what amplifier or subwoofers you're referring to make it impossible to give advice on how to wire them together or even know if they'd work together at all.

Subwoofer Wiring Diagrams How to Wire Your Subs

  • Just make sure you set the amp gain so no distortion ever plays.
  • David, What impedance are the subs?
  • Any more could introduce noise in the system.
  • When selecting a resistor, you have to worry about both Resistance and Wattage.
  • There are many ways to wire subwoofers and amplifiers together.

Kenneth, I'd leave your subs wired the way they are. Please enable Necessary Preference Cookies first so that we can save your preferences! Not knowing exactly what amplifier or subwoofers you have make it impossible to give advice on how to wire them together. Nic, Without knowing precisely what amp and subs you're referring to, speed dating forms we can't help you with advice. Is this possible or recommended?

Which one will work better with my set up? According to the specs, you should be alright. Learn about Crutchfield Rewards.

Can you tell me the best way to wire it. Not knowing exactly which you have makes it impossible to give advice on how to wire them together. Is this a correctly powered setup? Please advise which one and how to wire those, don't know what is the lowest impedance for K using two subs.

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The problem is that these cores cause some distortion. Capacitors work just the opposite. The amplifier has no effect on a sub's impedance. The amplifier sees the same load on its outputs and the subwoofers receive the same amount of power.

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Ridge, Without knowing exactly what subs you have, I can't tell for sure, but I think the only safe way to wire that gear together is like this. Manuel, Your subs probably blew because they were being driven with twice their rated power. Would I need an amplifier that can offer their combined nominal power output? Josh, It would be better if you had identified your gear by make and model number, online dating sites so I could give accurate advice.

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It doesn't sound all that great. If you want a question answered about a system, you should identify the gear by brand names and model numbers so we can get the right information to you. My question is can it be possible to over power the Type R? Bridging refers to combining adjacent amplifier channels together, like in the diagram, when does damon and elena and doesn't apply to subs or speakers.

It's electrically the same as in this diagram. What is your suggestion on wiring? It seems the mono's are cheaper.

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DIY Audio Speaker Crossover Wiring Guide / FAQ

You need to re-set the amplifier's gain, with the bass control at the highest setting you use, so no distortion can ever play. Richard, If you want a question answered about a system, you must identify the equipment by brand names and model numbers. How can I maximize use and which diagram would I use. Johnny, If your receiver only has a pair of subwoofer outputs, the simplest way to feed all four of your amplifier's channels is to use a couple of Y-cords to split the two channels into four.

Their toll-free number is on your invoice. Given the information above, which type of amp do you recommend and why? Rafael, Please do not connect the outputs of your two amplifiers together, it could damage them. My guess is I need an amp. There are also copper foil inductors which are more expensive, but work somewhat better.

How to Hook Up an Ignition Coil

However, I can't seem to find any two channel amps on here that supply w or greater of power. How fast it filters the sound is determined by the order of the crossover. In these cases, use a ferrite core. Necessary Preference Cookies Necessary Preference cookies help make our website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation. This is one of the selling points of high end cables.

How should i wire these for the best output? The positive on the left side to the negative on the right side. This resistance affects the impedance of the entire circuit.

What would be the best way to wire the subs to get the most out of them. Then do the same for the - terminals. John, If the specs you quote are correct, you can safely connect that gear together. These points are especially important when dealing with car audio. Hey Buck I have gone through the diagrams and understand the wiring for the most part.

Therefore, multiple speakers must be used. This type of cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for all other cookie settings. Use separate amps for your different model subs.

  1. Meanwhile, many low end manufacturers overstate the power of their amplifiers.
  2. Any idea what's going on here?
  3. It'll power your speakers and sub from one compact chassis.
  4. For smaller inductors, use one without a core - an air core inductor.
  5. The extra terminals give you more options for wiring the speaker.

Subwoofer Speaker & Amp Wiring Diagrams

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