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Cobra L5v Driver Specs

Re-shafting is an expensive proposition unless you have a really good idea of what works for you and the club you're installing it in. Display as a link instead. Good drives can set the tone for a round and nothing beats standing in the middle of the fairway while your playing partners poke around for their ball in hazards or in the woods.

Range time was especially fun. The sound at impact is meagre, it is not a powerful awe-inspiring crash, instead a weak splutter. Out of curiosity, did you play the M-Speed or F-Speed model?

My mid to high nineties swing speed put me right between the F and M models, but I eventually opted for the M. By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. Your email address You must enter a valid email address. Hitting from a downhill lie. Unfortunately as all serious golfers know the sound of the shot is as important as the feel and I must say this is the worse sounding golf club I have ever tried out.

Cobra L5V Driver Review - Golfalot

Once a club ho, always a club ho. Better, but still not as good as my gamer.

Cobra l5v driver specs

Sounds like you need the X model. Swingweight screw helps balance the clubhead with the shaft witheach screw weighted for X, F or M stock Diamana Red Board shafts to maintain the ideal swingweight.

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Ball striking drill - Use your hands. The sound bothered me at first but after a while I started to like how it annoyed the crap out of others. If this review merely focussed on performance I would be telling you to go out and get one now. Another solid and extensive review.

Best tips and instruction. As yet, swappable shafts are not available but may become so in the future. This allows golfers to straighten out their trajectory or have the option to encourage a draw when required. Does the sound bother you at all, it seems to me as a really loud club.

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Max Golf Protein Dark Chocolate milkshake drink. Simply turn, loosen, twist and the head snaps firmly into place. It definitely put me back in the middle of the fairway. As a result, I began hitting more fairways.

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But the ball speeds and dispersion were terrific. Submit a comprehensive review - from balls to drivers, golf gloves to sets of irons, shoes to powered trolleys - and give it a rating. It looks good and the distance, ball flight and consistency were the best I have experienced. Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters. It doesn't bother me now and in fact I've come to like it.

When I first hit it there were people ducking for cover as they thought somebody had opened fire. While I briefly reverted back to the neutral setting for the purposes of this test and to compare the ball flights, it hardly instilled confidence knowing that the club isn't set up for me. If you like the noise at impact then we would certainly recommend that you get one in your bag.

Another integral factor is the wide range of shaft options which cobra offer as standard, this allows any type of golfer to be suited for the perfect shaft, which should produce better results. The system was clear and easy to use and is definitely more user friendly than other adjustable drivers on the market. In contrast the club does offer the largest face in any golf driver, lan wireless drivers windows 7 which when coupled with the larger sweet-spots does increase the forgiveness of off-centre hits. How does the driver perform? The driver is also adjustable and you can set it to one of two positions to encourage a straight or draw biased ball flight.

Such a shame as it is such a brilliant driver in terms of performance. Your name You must enter your name. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Visually, the club looks stunning and the enlarged face really inspires confidence behind the ball.

You could throw any swing at this and the ball still sailed long and straight so impressive is its forgiveness. Consequently, the low, power fade that has bugged me for most of my golfing career, returned to haunt me.

More than once, I've had groups in front of me in the fairway or on the green turn and look when I tee off. Wilson Infinite Bucktown Putter Review.

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It sounds like a M going off in a coffee can. Paste as plain text instead. Your review title You must enter a title.

Last year, I started out the season needing a new driver.

Latest Tips and Instruction. Each driver is factory set in the Standard position. If I could only get the flight down. Even with a draw bias setting, shots hit off the deck are tough to keep straight.

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