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Cobra Golf Long Tom Driver

Cobra's Long Tom is loud and powerful, mobilvetta top driver s71 scheda this will add to the feeling of added distance. Truly hope Cobra enjoys nothing but success with this unique product.

The golf club is in brand new condition and has never been used on a golf course. Below Average This golf club has been well used, but not abused. However it is not short and is great fun to hit and will certainly provide a talking point with your golf partners. Want MyGolfSpy's email newsletter?

The Blackbird shaft with its lovely matt finish felt very stable despite its length and the feel and sound from the titanium head was excellent too. Shop what you want, when you want. This thing grabs any- and- all wind. Can I trade in more than one item? The black head, shaft and grip create a look that has been well thought out and the results are impressive.

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It is a unique noise you will either love or hate. This means the centre of gravity is moved lower and deeper in the head to help produce the optimal launch. Our stores are located in Minnesota, Arizona, and Delaware. Guys, I got to hit one the other day and it is the real deal. It is this lightness combined with the slightly smaller cc head that makes this club appear shorter than it actually is.

So take a look and let us know what you think! Poor This golf club shows considerable wear but is usable.

Why are there no values for my used golf clubs? Compared to drivers of a standard length and weights this was around five yards longer when struck sweetly. With that long shaft a very spinny head and shaft could just send the thing into the stratosphere like some kind of ridiculous pitching wedge. The new Long Tom still looks cluttered despite being raw. The Grafalloy Blackbird shaft combines with a short Winn Lite grip which not only makes the club long, but also very light indeed at only grams.

Cobra Long Tom review - Golf Monthly

If you can fit it in the boot of your car though as that is! This is a winning combination, which looks great behind the ball at address. Shows virtually no traces of wear and has been hit times total. Obviously you want max control with the length of the shaft why make it harder with a smaller head?


The rounded crown features a dark look speckled with grey and a matt alignment area that runs into the face. Who do I contact if I have questions about my trade-in? Average This club has seen normal usage for an extended period of time, at least one season, has been well cared for, and is still in good used condition. Mint Shows virtually no traces of wear and has been hit times total.

The curved face of the Cobra Long Tom does its job well here and shots slightly above or below the centre of the face still flew impressive distances. The all black finish of the standard Cobra Long Tom driver looks good but we prefer the look and finish of the limited edition Long Tom Raw version if you can get your hands on one.

What happens if there are any discrepancies? Best shot of the day was with the Long Tom.


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Cobra Long Tom review - Golf Monthly

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Below average clubs offer a great value for someone who isn't as interested in cosmetics but cares about performance. Its like swinging a broom against the wind or trying to hit a ball thats three feet in the water.

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The raw finish reminds me of the metal drivers provided at public driving ranges! In my opinion it would work good for slow swing speed drivers who need the leverage to get the ball up and away. With other longer than standard drivers you felt like you were swinging a fishing rod, but somehow with this even longer one we did not feel that. Driver Fairway Wood Hybrid. Highest pricing when you trade or sell.

Trade values are based on several factors such as demand, condition, release date and other resale factors. This club has seen normal usage for an extended period of time, at least one season, has been well cared for, and is still in good used condition. No paint, cost less to make, and they get to charge more. Even though almost no other company would have been able to pull it off maybe we should write an article about the reasons it was such a success.

Cobra golf long tom driver