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  • It is true they didn't put ink saying Zildjian on their cymbals until the mid s.
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  • The red and green arrows on this picture point out two features of this stamp.

Dating A Zildjian Cymbals

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From this period on the interest in the die stamps seems to have waned. The true outline font of the Large Stamp Hollow Block is much cleaner and the surface of the cymbal isn't pressed in at all in the hollow portion of the lettering. Ammark Publishing Company. This is because you don't need to know the height of the stamp to spot one.

Avedis opened up for business and hit harlem and gave drummers of the jazz age what they wanted in cymbals. One was produced in the same way as the Avedis cymbals of the day. Zenjians look like the Avedis production cymbals of that period. The bottom has a solid ink Zildjian and the weight written under the bell.

It is also worth remembering that there is another stamp which is made from thin lines and doesn't have the three dots in a triangle. There are no three dots in any Trans stamps. It is the largest cymbal manufacturer in the world. Associated Industry Publications.

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Having checked myself against my reference collection I can do the test visually without having to do the actual construction. Zildjians from Turkey and A. We're still gathering evidence. The hand hammering and the varying thicknesses also mean that each cymbal is highly individual, consider it like speaking with an accent.

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It all seems to add up to a whole lot of dunno! So provided that bottom line is well struck this is easy to check. But you can still see the hammer marks on both sides if you look closely in most cases. Zildjian could actually use this stamp on their cymbals in the s.

This is Exhibit F in Bill's original article. Once you get into the late s and ink becomes more of the focus I've tried to find consensus dates for these changes. Knowing that we are looking at Ottoman also gives us a bit of an insight into what the dots are about which appear over some letters but not in all versions of all die stamps. There were several others of course, dating carbon but not so interesting or worth bumping.

Mehter ensembles, which were known in the West primarily for playing in battle, also performed courtly music for Ottoman rulers. Zildjian cymbals at the Azco plant. The H directly over E alignment is a good method, but it doesn't help when the bottom of the stamp is poorly pressed in. And on a more modern note, somebody has put the weight of grams on this one. It shares this one attribute with the s small stamp.

That's why they are relatively rare. They are, but what lets us tell them apart without measuring is the pattern of breaks or quirks. Here's a seventies open ink script logo on a K. But doing the construction adds certainty, and doing it up through the middle of the circular character adds accuracy. Zildjian didn't date their catalogs at that time.

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Forums New posts Search forums. But you should be aware that this usage is non standard, as are other things on that site. So bigger range of weights and the weights are written under the bell so it is easy to know what is what.

Dating A Zildjian Cymbals. Larger diameters become more common from Exhibit F Stamps onwards as far as we can tell from limited data. We are still working to find out whether the difference between these two stamps might represent manufacturing era, different markets, free 100 or something else. While there are multiple subspecies R. Zeb Very well Known Member.

Stamps on Vintage Zildjian Cymbals allow them to be dated
The Different Stamps of A. Zildjian Cymbals
A. Zildjian Cymbal Stamp Timeline

What can you tell me about that? This site is set up so that you can send or post to a forum a link to a particular photo and description. That makes it easier to measure the distance accurately. We will not share any of the email addresses on this form with third parties. It's up to us to keep it alive.

How to tell the age of a Vintage Zildjian

We won't get to them until later on in the piece, although you can go and check out Pinksterboer's The Cymbal Book for more information. That Trans Stamp like property again. He told me that stamps are not an indication of age. There are old new stamps and new new stamps.

The top of the Ottoman is missing on all examples of this stamp I've seen so far. The hammering and other production clues tell you when the cymbal was made. In order to distinguish the three dots Large from the s stamp notice which portions of the stamp seem relatively bold and which are in finer lines.

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Dating Dating zildjian cymbals
  1. The s stamp doesn't have the three dots.
  2. And it also has the three dots.
  3. The detail of the cross bar distinguishes some stamp eras but I haven't finished dong all my checking yet to present the results more generally.

How To Date a Vintage Zildjian using the Maker s Stamps

These consist of a circular enclosure or pit with a pair of rock lines leading outward in a V-shape arrangement. Unless Bill comes forward with this information I propose to suspend any use of it. They also provide a cautionary note that not all ink changes happen precisely in step with die stamp trademark changes. But the correlation is not perfect. Scholars believe, for the most part, best iphone dating that it is unlikely that humans successfully controlled much of reindeer behavior or affected any morphological changes in reindeer until about years ago or so.

These relationships are discussed at length and with heat on drum and cymbal forums around the web. Almost all the information that is available about vintage drums and cymbals has been gathered up by enthusiasts who are outside of the companies that made the products. First here are examples of each with a ruler.

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Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. This stamp can be found on Brilliant A. You now have a time machine at your fingertips. It seems these came in the late s to early s. In Trans Stamps and pre Trans Stamps it can't fit.

But it is not the earliest A Zildjian cymbal in a brilliant finish. These were contemporaneous with the K Zildjians from Turkey, but the styles diverge greatly. For example, it might be a link to the Hollow Ink Logo on the bottom of a cymbal. This is just on the top side of the cymbal. Pardon my digging up an old thread, but I searched on Zildjian dating and this thread came up.

Totally different production eras. There is no book, so far, so I took some pictures of my own cymbals over the years and arranged them in a timeline to my best knowledge. Reindeer Hunting Techniques Reindeer live in cold climates, and they feed mostly on grass and lichen.

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