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1st Time Driver Cars

Developed to take on the Toyota Prius, the Ioniq is offered in hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery-electric flavors. The combination of efficiency, a focus on driving dynamics, and typical Hyundai value makes the Ioniq a worthy contender. See photos and get current pricing on ForbesAutos.

Still, when it comes to buying a car for a first-timer, many parents would agree with experts that those with impressive safety features are tops. While it does not have the off-road capabilities of the Tacoma pickup, the Highlander's four-wheel drive system offers solid bad weather performance and gives drivers a reassuring sense of solidity. There are other good options for new drivers. Choosing and buying a first car is a rite of passage for thousands of new drivers every year. Subcompacts are often the most affordable, but usually not a good choice for a crash-prone driver.

Best first cars

After the birth of their second son Jansen wanted to give her a gift they could both enjoy. Here's why that's so important. The Venue will be priced cheaper enough to compete with used cars, according to a new report. The Tacoma also has a great reputation for reliability, even more so than other Toyota models, but keep an eye out for rust.

Beyond safety, our first-car favorites are based on affordability, fuel economy and overall value. The midsize pickup truck segment has experienced a rebirth lately, with reinvigorated entries from General Motors, Jeep, Ford, and Honda showing up over the past couple of years. Honda has also included a host of fun features like a collapsible center console and an in-car picnic table. After the apocalypse, the only things left on Earth will be some cockroaches, Keith Richards, and Toyota trucks.

1st time driver cars

Overall the is a great looking car and a very cost-effective way to get on the road. The mid-size Infiniti can be had in sedan, coupe, and convertible guise. The Toyota Celica sub-compact sports car is quick, fun to drive, reliable, and offers a surprising level of utility.

Environmentally conscious buyers may opt for the Highlander Hybrid. Hyundai also tried to make the Ioniq fun. In addition, eco-conscious buyer can opt for the Sonata Hybrid. In operation, the Volt is powered by an electric motor with its on-board gasoline engine used only as a power generator. The settings are coded to one key, but normalised settings take over when another key is used.

Best Cars for First-Time Drivers

These cars were virtually unbreakable and can run for hundreds of thousands of miles without complaint. Who we are How we review cars. As one of the most popular cars in the world, spares are easy to come by and repairs are relatively affordable.

Best Cars for First-Time Drivers

After taking an investment from Porsche, it has announced it will help Hyundai develop an electric super-hatch and a high-performance hydrogen-powered car. Our full Hyundai Ioniq review.

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Prices are based on current prices on Autotrader. Mazda also offers plenty of tech features like a nine-speaker Bose audio system and head-up display, albeit as optional extras. Road tax is less of a consideration now. Or will they tune you out and speed around town with a carload of friends?

The Chevorlet Volt hybrid is one of most innovative cars to hit the market in recent memory. It gets the same Selec-Terrain system offered in larger Jeeps, and a sophisticated all-wheel drive system. All have curtain air bags and electronic stability control as standard or optional equipment. Like the Peugeot scheme outlined above, this package includes road tax, servicing and insurance for three years. We looked for ones that are reliable, fun to drive, comfortable, attractive, economical, practical, and most of all, safe.

Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Compare any vehicle at ForbesAutos. Toyota's Tacoma pickup makes our list as the only representative of the pickup segment. Each model achieves average or better fuel economy for its class, based on federal mileage estimates.

The truck's available four -and six-cylinder powerplants offer good performance, but some may find them to be a bid thirsty when it comes to fuel. The Honda Civic is bullet-proof. The Adam is a small car, smaller than the Vauxhall Corsa with which it shares its mechanical platform, and that rather restricts the amount of space in the back and in the boot. Essentially, it enables a number of behaviour-related settings to be imposed, such as a maximum speed, a seatbelt reminder and even a maximum volume for the stereo.

Times are tough, especially for first time drivers, so it makes sense to keep things sensible for your first motor. Best Cars For First-Time Drivers Still, when it comes to buying a car for a first-timer, many parents would agree with experts that those with impressive safety features are tops. They made so many for such a long time you can pick one up now for pittance. Shrewd parents can make the car the latest introduction to the grown-up world of monthly bills, msi ms 3871 driver on-time credit payments and financial responsibility.

Best Top 10 Cars for First Time DriversBest first cars for new & young drivers how to buy

Best Cars For First-Time Drivers

It may not be as fun to drive as the Ford Fiesta, but it looks sophisticated inside and out. These models offer the best combination of safety, infotainment, and more power engines options. With this kind of efficiency, trips to the gas station will be a rare occurance. While the Citigo has the same underpinnings as the Volkswagen up! Carbuyer is a trademark of Felix Dennis.